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Games at casinos are of two kinds. The game of skill which is one counts on the acquired skill of a player. Such games teem with blackjack, baccarat and poker. Games such as roulettes, slot machines and craps are games that rely on the player's luck, which are called games of chance.

The game of crap is played with a dice. As all players know, each dice has six sides with number one through six accordingly. Crap uses two dice. With it, two ( 1, 1 ) the smallest number that can be rolled, and twelve will be the biggest character ( 6, 6 ). Seven being the most common number that is rolled, establishes and determines the odds.

Here are reasons why players often lose the game. Kindly this, one can have a better game:

* More often thence not, these gamblers rely on their luck.

* Usually these players already have losing in " mind ".

* Often, players obtain very shrimp understanding of the game.

Here are different strategies that one can count on in playing craps:

* Betting the Pass Line. When one wins, this pays an even winning. Place your bet on the Pass Line area. If the offshoot of the rolled dice is seven or eleven, you win. While if two, three or twelve, you lose. If the results are other than these numbers, you continue dicing until you roll a seven, you win. If it comes out before a point, you lose.

* Betting the Don't Pass Bar. This is the exact opposite of betting the Pass Line bar. You win when the result of the come out roll is two or three. You avoid if the result is seven or eleven. If the result is the number twelve, it is declared a push. You keep on rolling the dice until such time a point seven is rolled. You win id before the head, seven comes out.

* Come out bet. This type of a bet can only be done after a come out roll resulting in the following numbers - 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Similar to the Pass Line bet, if the result of the next roll is the number two, three or twelve, you lose. While if the resulting next roll is seven or eleven, you are a winner.

The bottom line in any game is to always play wisely. Think with your head and never rely on your luck when betting. Look at the statistics; they will increase your chances of winning, as they will show you the betting probabilities. Having a solid game plan, the discipline to execute them, as well as effective and precise money management will increase your winning chances.




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